Thursday, June 13, 2013

She FINALLY updated?!?

This is quite overwhelming! I haven't written on my blog in over 2 years! So much has happened that I honestly don't even know where to begin! But here's a try:

After 7+ years of living in Provo, we are now living in Henderson Nevada! It was a bitter sweet experience to be sure. For several years, we were itching to be out of the Provo 'bubble' as some call it, mostly because we had been complex managers for students at BYU. And as great as they are, it becomes a bit tiring  dealing with never ending problems, difficult landlords, etc. But then we said goodbye to the managing and entered a new living situation that was (almost) entirely student-less. We lived further away from campus and life was GREAT and fun. We made amazing friends and started to settle into life in our new Provo experience.

 Then came another exciting adventure:

Spencer had an opportunity to make his way up in the hotel industry. His company recently acquired new Marriott hotels and needed Spencer to help in the transition to new ownership/get it up and running to Lodging Dynamics (his company) standards. They own hotels all around the U.S., and we luckily got relocated to the place where Spencer grew up AND where the majority of his family is! HENDERSON, Nevada! We get to see Grandma and Grandpa often along with an Uncle and an Aunt :) Such a fun way for our kids to grow up. Speaking of kids.....

Notice how we only had ONE child in these posts? Well, now we have THREE girls!

On July 18, 2011, we welcomed Leah Katherine to our family.

She is quite the sweetheart. She was always such a good natured baby and now we'll shortly be having her 2nd birthday next month! She is still such a blessing, but she also has a bit of spunk to her, for SURE! And a bit of a temper when it comes to older sister Maddie when they 'attempt' to share. She's gotta hold her own, right? Can't be pushed around by big sister-that's a definite no. She learns so much from her older sister, Maddie--she already knows most of her letters and numbers and is starting into the princess phase of dressing up and pretending to be (mostly) Disney princesses. I guess that's inevitable with girls, right?

And then 16 short months later, we welcomed Hannah Elyse into the family.

Now I know what the automatic response will be to the age difference--YES--she was a surprise, yes life can be a bit crazy, but ya know, life just wouldn't be the same without her! She is such a sweet little thing--all smiles and giggles with hardly any fussing (unless she means business--the 'eating' business and then the '#2 poopie' business). We didn't know what we were missing until she came along! We love her so much!

And Madisen:

She's gonna be 5 on Monday (June 17th!) Can't believe this! And in the fall, she'll be starting kindergarten. So weird that i'll have a kid in school! She's so excited, though. She has recently started to really pick up on writing/reading, and surprises me often with how much she knows! She is as energetic as ever and LOVES helping Mom take care of Hannah. She's my little helper and I couldn't do it without her :)

(Sidenote: Isn't it funny how much they look alike? We liked the first prototype so much we just kept it the same for the others ;) har har)

We are very much enjoying our new life here in Las Vegas. Trying to get used to the hotter summer temperatures, though! It was 115 degrees last week! So when it's in the low 100's, it's time to get out and play (still at early hours, of course).

I promise to be a bit better about the blogging experience (note: I said 'better' not 'perfect' or everyday, so as long as I post more than once every 2 years, I should be good, right?) and not go another 2 years without writing!

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